Monday, October 20, 2008

That's why I fainted on Sunday

Sometimes I really want my blog could be a bit more xanga-style, i.e. just bubbling the normal daily life, with photos and descriptions. That's all - without any articulation of grammar or wording (or thinking). But every times when I am trying to type something, I stop. I think probably is the language stops me. When I am writing in Chinese, I just can't help to articulate it for hours. I agree that different language could lead you to different thinking, like Irish play writer Beckett using French to write his plays. Writing in English could definitely free my obsessive- boring-poetic-style. Here we go:-

We woke up early just for this charity thing. HK$6000 for a team is not cheap. The funniest thing is none of us know what this money will be used for. But hey, they are Salvation Army, not the Chinese Government.

our route:
start point > 2>3>4>5>6>13>14>11>16>15>1> macau tower

and yes, it is such a new adventure in my life, very "Amazing-Race". In the end, we still dunno whether we could get a taxi or not for the game, though we jumped on one from the starting point to check point no.2.

For me, this entry is very experimental. I am so not used to write what i think directly in my head, and using pictures that is soo "snap-shot". But anyway, who cares? is still just bubbling.

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