Monday, November 10, 2014


{so what moved me? Everything. The things themselves, the people, the air, noises, sound, colours, material presences, textures, forms too - forms i can appreciate.....What else moved me? My mood, my feelings, the sense of expectation that filled me while i was sitting there.}   -p.17

那感動我的是那腳上穿著新買的nike 波鞋。迎面來的風。偶爾經過的汽車。秋意。呼吸聲。嗄。陳奕迅失憶蝴蝶。馬路上平坦的石屎地。嗄。也在跑步的人,不多,大家對望一下又繼續跑。夜空沒有星星。嗄。幾個學生在大學宿舍門前閒聊。防堤坡上的戀人。讓人悸動的吻。嗄。孤獨。黑色的海浪聲。


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